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Maree's Mission! ONE Team - One Vision - One Goal.

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10 Years On Line And Still Going Strong.
New Zealand Residents receive cash back Rewards Via Internet Banking.
World Wide Members paid to Bitcoin Wallets.

Maree Designs Belongs to the Dollar Wise Network (Established 2009)

In order to best adapt to the situation at hand, we all are heading into unknown territory with the spread of COVID-19.
Our Community is supporting online Retail with selling Video Marketing face book Kits at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Search for business partners, promote yourself, and explore OUR communities online craft stores, digital and REAL Physical products, with individual cash back rewards with numerous different on line shopping experiences our members offer.

Admin is an online entrepreneur Sharing her marketing strategy she has been using offline and online for the past 25 years for business building, branding, referring, using affiliate marketing as a means to generate sales through our community support.

Thousands of members from all over the globe use our system to team build any on line store venture they wish to expand.
Everyone is recruiting new clients when they promote their Maree Designs Gateway.
Leverage your income, simply give away FREE Websites, where all members duplicate the same system. Signing up to our Proven and Paying Down line Porthole from their sponsors link.

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Just imagine what it would be like to follow a program and have your own online income.
All our Members have a close association with the enterprise as sellers or consumers of our products or services. We are always on the look out for real businesses with real products to sell throughout Our Maree Designs Network. Simply Plug In Your Id's and you are ready to go. Saving you thousands of dollars in Script COSTS.
Members that signed up when we launched in 2016. Making Maree Designs A Long TERM PROJECT! Are NOW generating a REAL Income ONLINE.

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To your success,

Maree Wells.


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