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Maree Designs Classic Clothing.
Specialist for the Fuller Figure.

1 TEAM  -  1 VISION  -  1 GOAL
It is time to create your online story!
Supporting Local Stall holders.

Just imagine what it would be like to follow a program getting early access to my clothing fashion. While supporting other local stall holders all under the one roof.
All our Members have a close association with the enterprise as sellers or consumers of our products or services. We are always on the look out for real businesses with real products to sell throughout Our Maree Designs Network.

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Lets Chat On Saturday's at the Christchurch Brighton Seaside Market..

Social Media Sharing! Gift Slots! Stall holder introduction!
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Maree is an Online Influencer and mentor, Lifestyle entrepreneur. Fashion designer.
Offering all the digital Skills Required To Transfer Your Business Online.
Designing self help E Books for business planning and branding.
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To your success,

Maree Wells.


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